PLURAFIT substrate cartridge

Code: PF300-SUB-C
Article number: 300035
EAN: 4251173101100

Quick Overview

  • variably extendable extraction rod
  • easy and optimum maintenance
  • the flow can be from top or bottom

Product Description

PLURAFIT PF 300-SUB C is a substrate cartridge to construct a substrate filter chamber. The substrate cartridge consists of a filter basket which can be filled with PF 300-SUB T+R substrate for example. The filter sieve is placed on the threaded rod and screwed into the filter basket for cover. The substrate cartridge can be removed from the chamber for maintenance purposes and filled up with new substrate.

This substrate filter chamber is particularly suited for cleaning street drainage as well as water drained from metal surfaces.


Gross weight (incl. packaging)1,07 kg
Net weight0.65 kg

PLURAFIT Substratkartusche

Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Mesh size1 mm
MaterialPP, Stainless steel
Storage volume10 l