Code: RM-Eco10
Article number: 220090
EAN: 4251173100004

Quick Overview

The optimized central pump and control unit for rainwater harvesting or water reuse for single family dwelling

  • the world’s most economical rainwater system.
  • for toilet, washing machine, garden tap and little sprinkler
  • noise level: 50 - 56 dbA, medium noise emission
  • max. volume flow rate: 10 l/min

Product Description

The RAINMASTER Eco is an innovation for rainwater units. It is the fully automatic, operating and monitoring station combining pump, controller and built-in mains water top-up.

Our new technology can easily be installed in the basement, garage or in the ground floor utility room of any single-family dwelling. The rainwater is pumped from a tank via a suction hose and is used internally for toilet flushing, in the washing machine and externally for watering the garden. If the supply of rainwater or greywater runs low then the RAINMASTER Eco automatically switches to mains water top up, so you’re never out of water.

Toilet and Urinal:
You can connect up to three flushing toilets and one urinal.

Washing machine:
You can connect up to two washing machines.

Garden and cleaning:
One garden water tap can be connected, to which a small watering and cleaning device can be attached:

  • 20m garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • A mini lawn sprinkler with a flow rate up to 2 bar/400 l/h, Gardena Aquazoom 250/1 Sprinkler = watered area approx. 80 m²
  • Drip irrigation systems are equipped with an expansion tank
  • A high-pressure cleaner with a flow rate up to 500 l/h

Note on diaphragm pump:
The RM-Eco is installed with a diaphragm pump. This type of pump functions as a displacement pump. In comparison to the typically installed centrifugal pump (ca. 65 dB (A) they are exceedingly quiet with 50-56 dB (A). However it must be noted that displacement pumps cause vibrations. These vibrations can cause impluse-induced sonic transmissions that are relayed along the piping causing noises.

Note on maximum suction height and length
Information regarding to this can be found in the operating instructions.


Gross weight (incl. packaging)11,75 kg
Net weight9.75 kg
Weight EU-pallet max. quantity344 kg
Dimensions carton (length x width x height)600 x 400 x 255 mm
Max. quantity per EU-pallet28 Stk
Carton volume0.0612 m³
Volume EU-pallet max. quantity1.92 m³


Technical Drawing

Technical Data

Length200 mm
Width353 mm
Height398 mm
Net weight9.75 kg
Length, float switch cable15 m
Diameter, float switch cable8 mm
Connection emergency overflowDN 50
Mains water connection1/2 " IG
Connection, pressure side3/4 " IG
Max. volume flow rate10 l/ min
Permitted mains water primary pressure2.5 - 6 bar
Pump starting pressure2.2 bar
Max. suction lift (self priming)3.6 m
Max. height between pump and consumer10 m
Noise level50 - 56 dBA
Operating pressure range0 - 3.5 bar
Mains voltage110-230 V AC
Operating voltage24 V DC
Power input90 W
Protection classIP 44
Standby power1